Best Foods for Heart

best food for heart

As a conscious people, we should know the Best Foods for Heart. A man can keep himself healthy only by following the correct food menu. A hearth is the most sensitive organ of the body. So we should keep our heart healthy first. The best diet for a healthy heart is vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, petrochemical and fennel foods. Here I have tried to show you the best 10 healthy foods for heart below.


  1. Sunflower oil or sunflower seed:

sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is rich in Vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant in the body. It directly helps prevent heart disease and increase your immune system. If you take sunflower oil rich in anti-oxidant and vitamin E, your skin will be protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Vitamin-E is also known as ‘Tocopheryl’. Its work is essentially the destruction of harmful free radicals for a body as anti-oxidants. Sunflower oil plays an important role in reducing the intensity of asthma (asthma) and arthritis. Oil has a significant effect on the general immune system and infection increases the immune system’s resistance.


  1. Fish:

salmon fish

Some fish have plenty of omega-3, such as salmon, mackerel and tuna amas (should eat at least twice a week). Feel free to eat small fishes such as molluscum, glasses, taki, sandy etc. Padda, Shing, Kai and Magura can also be chosen. Hilsa fish eat more than it contains beneficial fat omega-3 fatty acids. There are also many more fish that will not eat fat. If you look carefully, you can understand that the fish is fatty. It is better to not eat the oily fish of sweet water. However, any marine fish can be eaten. Researchers believe that marine fish are helpful in protecting the heart. However, only fish can be eaten with the exceptionally fatty fish of sweet water.


  1. Soya Food:


When the word ‘soybean’ heard the soybean oil floated in front of the eyes. Because soybean oil is widely known and widely used in our country, soybean, ie soya seeds, is not common in the same way. Only beans are eaten in some areas. Soybean is not just oil, but much more. And the products made from soybean are called soy food or soy products. Soy milk products such as Soy Milk, Sai Bin, Tofu etc. should be kept in a daily diet. These foods remove cholesterol and unhealthy fat from the body.


Soy food can not only control cholesterol but also helps control the function of the vascular. So, put enough soybean in the food menu. Because the digestive enzyme trypsin activity is somewhat hampered by soybean. Fibre rich soybean is very good for the heart. Helps reduce soybean cholesterol. Soybean Vitamin B Complex’s Mine Especially thiamine, niacin, folic acid, and riboflavin. This vitamin helps keep the active heart and liver active activity. Soybean has more protein than Dal. 43 grams of protein found in every 100 g soybean.


Soybean protein contains most essential amino acids except the cysteine and methionine, which can not be made by the body itself. Protein-rich soybean equivalent to protein-rich protein like eggs, meat and dairy products. The amount of fat in soybean is less. Every 100 g of soybeans is 20 grams of fat. Every 100 grams of soybean contains 30 grams of carbohydrate. Soybeans rich in natural antioxidants like Vitamin E and Lecithin help slow down the aging process. Builds immunity.


  1. Red flour bread:

red flour bread

There is less amount of fibre in white flour or honey. But there is a lot of fibres in the red with the broth. So after eating red flour bread, blood glucose gradually increases. So to prevent heart disease, reduce weight, there is no pair of red flour in the diabetes control. Those who like to eat breakfast, practice white flour or red flour with vegetables instead of flour.


  1. Wood Nut:

wood nut

Monosaturated fat, protein and potassium of wood nut plays an important role in keeping heart good. Vitamin E of Wood Nut keeps the danger of various diseases of the heart. Magnesium present in Wood Nut helps prevent heart attack and potassium helps control blood pressure. Such as almonds, grams and walnut fruits.


  1. olive oil:


Apart from reducing the risk of diabetes and preventing cancer, olive oil is very beneficial for poor heart patients. In a recent study, researchers have proved the matter. The new research report, published in the health journal Circular, found that olive oil provides the necessary fat as a fuel for the weak heart. Normally, a heart takes the energy needed for its normal contraction and expansion of the fat deposited in the body. But the weak heart fails to accept this fat. As a result, the heart can not work well only, but it is not possible to take the fat or obstruction in the heart artery due to fat accumulation. But olive oil has a kind of fat named fatoline called fat, which can help the weak heart easily absorb the fat. Senior researcher of the University of Illinois, Douglas Livannsky said that if Oyliet has a positive effect on the heart, even if the heart is already weak, Oilyat can provide the necessary energy in the heart.


  1. Boiled Bean:

boiled bean

Eat more nonstruct vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, barbetti, brinjal, beans, carrots, pulp, cucumber, lettuce leaves, mushrooms, mumps, radish, beet and tomato. Magnesium bean, cereal and green leafy vegetables help reduce Coronary Heart Disease. These foods reduce the risk of stroke and diabetes. This information was given in one study. The study was published in the journal BMC Medicine A. Researchers at the University of Zhejiang and Zhengzhou University of China reported that 10% of the risk of coronary heart disease reduces to the highest level of magnesium feeding. Also, the risk of stroke was 12 percent and the risk of type 2 diabetes decreased by 26 percent. Chief researcher of the University of Zhejiang. Fudi Wang said that daily risk of 100 mg diaitragine magnesium stroke reduced by 7 percent and type 2 diabetes risk 19 percent.


  1. Fruit and green vegetables:

fruit and vegetables

Vitamin C is rich in fruits such as guava, amara, amalaki, lemon, olive oil, grapefruit, ripe tomatoes, kamarga, ripe papaya, pineapple etc. eat more. Regular vegetables and green vegetables keep heart is good. In particular, fresh fruit juice is very good for the heart. Among the greens, pulses, loves, pumpkins, carrots, bits, cabbages, maize, red potatoes etc. are quite beneficial for the heart. Along with this, eat salad and plenty of water every day as needed. Foods of 25 to 30 grams of fiber should be on the food list every day. For this, keep fresh fruits and fresh vegetables in the daily diet list.


  1. Cheese:


Cheese helps reduce cholesterol. Many people think cholesterol increases by eating cheese as it is a fat food. These ideas are not right. Eating cheese removes bad cholesterol in your body. Cheese has probiotic bacteria that does not allow cholesterol to grow in the body. However, it should always be taken care of according to the amount or according to the requirement. Playing the cheese is the right way to transmit blood to the body. High blood pressure is in control. As a result, heart problems are less visible. The heart attack is less likely to be a result of blood pressure control. The problem of heart disease decreases. Margarine seeds are made from oil and from various fruits (such as sunflower seeds, olive, rapeseed, linseed, palm fruit).


  1. Tea

green tea

Especially Green and Black Tea. Green tea is the most commonly used medicine for the heart in the present time. It does not only keep the blood circulation open but also protects the vein. Scientists have the idea that green blood is on the blood vessels. If regular green tea is taken, the blood vessel relaxes and changes in blood pressure may also be normal. This reduces the chances of having a blood clotting heart attack.

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